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What is the role of scale inhibitors?

Post Time:2016-11-16 21:50:55 

Scale inhibitor is a commonly used water treatment agent, literally understand that the scale inhibitor (ATMP) is to prevent inorganic substances in the water deposition of fouling in the equipment of a chemical, widely used in industrial water treatment industry. Scale inhibitors, can be divided into copolymer scale inhibitor, phosphorus polymer scale inhibitor, natural polymer scale inhibitor, green new polymer scale inhibitor. What is the effect of the scale inhibitor?

① chelating solubilization

The scale inhibitor can form a soluble chelate with cation (such as magnesium ion, calcium ion, etc.) in the water to prevent contact with the anion, so the probability of scale formation is greatly reduced, and the permissible concentration of magnesium ion and calcium ion in cooling water is increased. , Relatively speaking, an increase of calcium, magnesium salt solubility.

② cohesion in the dispersion

Anionic scale inhibitor in water dissociation generated anion in the collision with the calcium carbonate microcrystalline, the occurrence of physical and chemical adsorption phenomenon, so that the surface of the microcrystalline double electric layer and negatively charged. When the adsorbed products come into contact with other scale inhibitor molecules, the adsorbed crystals are transferred and the grains are dispersed evenly, which hinders the collision between the grains and the metal surface and reduces the number of nuclei in the solution. , The calcium carbonate stabilized in solution.

Since the chain-like structure of the scale inhibitor can adsorb many microcrystals of the same charge, the electrostatic repulsion prevents the microcrystals from colliding with each other, thus avoiding the formation of large crystals. The result of the dispersion is to prevent mutual contact and coagulation between the scale-forming particles, thereby preventing the scale from growing. Scale inhibitor can effectively control the calcium carbonate, barium sulfate, calcium sulfate and strontium sulfate scale, and organic flocculants can be used simultaneously, can be added directly or diluted can be added, the iron and aluminum oxide tolerance.

Water Treatment System The use of scale inhibitors can extend the cleaning cycle of water treatment systems to extend the service life of equipment and thus save operating costs, so the scale inhibitor in the water treatment system is more and more widely used.

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