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Central air conditioning scale hazards

Post Time:2016-10-13 22:52:29 
        With the development of science and technology, the development of production and the continuous improvement of people's living standards in places such as entertainment and more and more places to install the central air conditioning, central air conditioning in operation after a few years there are different degrees of scaling to clean, Which scale cleaning is more common.

        Central air conditioning circulating water system structure, corrosion and microbial reproduction will give the safe operation of central air-conditioning brings the following serious harm:

        1, reduce the heat transfer efficiency: Most of the heat exchanger from the carbon steel, carbon steel thermal conductivity of 46.7-52.2W / (MK), but the thermal conductivity of carbonate is 0.464-0.697W / (MK) Only about 1% of carbon steel, we can see, scale or other deposits of thermal conductivity is much lower than the metal, so when the scale or other deposits covered in the heat exchanger heat transfer surface, will greatly reduce heat transfer The heat transfer efficiency.

        2, to reduce the amount of circulating water: sediment or microbial sludge covered in the heat exchanger tube wall or even blocking the heat transfer tube, so that the circulating water channel cross-sectional area and flux decreases, so that the heat transfer efficiency further decline.

        3, reducing the effectiveness of the use of water treatment agents: sediment and microbial sludge covered on the metal surface will prevent the water corrosion inhibitor (ATMP), scale inhibitors and biocides to reach the metal surface inhibition, scale and sterilization , And some microorganisms will react with some of the water treatment agents, thus disrupting and reducing these agents and the use of effects.

        4, accelerated corrosion; sediment and microbial scale production, contributed to the concentration of corrosion of the formation of corrosion and the formation of the battery under the corrosion, so that accelerated corrosion of metal accelerated.

        5, shorten the life of the equipment: the equipment to prevent the effective heat transfer, so that the heat transfer surface of the metal in a long-term high-temperature heat load state, leading to metal fatigue; the other hand, the corrosion will lead to heat exchange tubes The thinning of the walls, especially under-scale corrosion, can lead to leakage of the device perforations, which can cause the service life of the equipment to be shortened.

        6, increase operating costs: In order to maintain adequate heat transfer efficiency of equipment, such measures must be taken to increase the amount of water, and maintenance of corrosion and other causes of damage to equipment, will inevitably increase the cost, thereby increasing the operating cost of equipment.

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