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Detailed amino trimethylene phosphonic acid ATMP

Post Time:2016-09-11 21:51:07 

        Amino trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) Properties: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid or white granular solid, soluble in water, chemical stability and thermal stability, boiling with dilute sulfuric acid does not decompose. Dried decomposition temperature of 200 ~ 212 ℃, easy hydrolysis resistance below 200 ℃ excellent calcium carbonate scale effect

        Preparation: (1) with formaldehyde, ammonium chloride and phosphorus trichloride as raw materials by-step reaction, the recovery of hydrogen chloride, the reaction product was filtered to obtain a liquid product crystallized to give a solid product.
        PCl3 + 3H2O → H3PO3 + 3HCl
        3H3PO3 + NH4Cl + HCHO → N [CH2PO (HO) 2] 3 + HCl + 3H2O
        (2) nitrilotriacetic acid and phosphorous acid.
        N [CH2COOH] 3 + 3H3PO4 → N [CH2PO (HO) 2] 3 + CO2 + 3H2O
        Method Two high income, good product quality but rare raw materials, high cost.
        Applications: (1) amino trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) is commonly used in industrial cooling water treatment scale inhibitor and corrosion inhibitor.
        (2) amino trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) for the cooling water of the cathodic corrosion inhibitor in the water can dissociate into six positive and six negative ions with calcium, magnesium and other metal ions to form chelates and polycyclic dispersed in water to form a loose, calcium, magnesium normal crystallization of scale damage.
        (3) amino trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) has the effect of excellent chelation, low threshold inhibition and lattice distortion.
        Amino trimethylene phosphonic acid and polyphosphates, polycarboxylates, nitrite good coordination, can effectively prevent the cooling water into the dirt salt formation of scale, industrial cooling water treatment is commonly used in moderate inhibitors corrosion inhibitors.
        (4) amino trimethylene phosphoric acid (ATMP) inhibitors alone do concentration ≤10mg / L, the top three amino acid fork do inhibitor concentration alone ≥100mg / L, the top three amino acid fork and low molecular weight hindered scale inhibitor compound at a concentration of 5mg / L.

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